Oh God, Why

I don’t understand the point of the whole segregation here. The increase in creepy looking homosexuals is unbelievable (they aren’t like normal homosexuals… I don’t even think they are gay, I think they just got fucked with the segregation shit – badly). Seriously, I enter the bathroom at AUK and I see girls making out, or getting it on in the stalls *vomit* I wonder if the same shit goes on in the guys bathroom too.
The increase of disgusting, rude, ignorant, stupid guys is incredible. The increase of dumb, naive, selfish, materialistic, close-minded, creepy girls is outstanding. I just love how they segregated everything because they’re worried of girls and guys interacting in inappropriate ways, because its ‘Haram’ and all that jazz, but them being so smart forgot to factor in the amount of people turning their ‘attraction’ to their own sex; and that’s also ‘Haram’ *facepalm*

Not to mention, the younger generation who now has to grow up with this ‘rule’ won’t be able to know how to interact with guys, therefore their actions could lead to more inappropriate behaviors – you know, the kind they were trying to stop when making this rule *rolls eyes* The girls and guys won’t know how to work together, the guys will continually harass girls, the girls will think ‘oh maybe I should sleep with him so he’ll like me’ bla bla bla, basically they won’t know how to interact with each other properly. I feel bad for them, I can already see the result of it everywhere. So sad. I’m grateful I wasn’t raised that way, and I’ll make sure my daughters and/or sons will know better than to fall into this ridiculous mindset the majority of this society has set up. It’s sad also that some private schools have decided to segregate the girls and boys, they should know better, and they can’t give us the crap that they had to do it, because other private schools don’t segregate.

I don’t get why this place is going backwards… actually, no, back then things were so much better, and people were less strict (actually, less dumb), so I can’t really say things are going backwards here.

Things are getting dumber.

Yeah, that’s plain, simple, and accurate.

Kids of the future, I hope some of you find the right path instead of falling into the trap of what this society is trying to ensnare you in. Good luck.



What is Ramadan:
“Every year during the Islamic the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast daily, from dawn until dusk. Fasting entails abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. By withholding ourselves from some of our most basic and carnal needs and desires, Muslims develop self-restraint: the ability to stop ourselves from doing something we deeply desire, simply out of obedience to our Creator. This month-long training helps us develop the strength to live a life of purity and obedience to God despite the temptation to sin.” – Source
That’s all good!

What I don’t agree about Ramadan, and it pisses me off to no end, is about how people say it is so that we can sympathise and feel what those feel who suffer from starvation and don’t have the luxury that we do…..
Um… No? How the hell will you ever feel what they feel??? At the end of the day you’re going to be stuffing yourself with good food until it’s time to fast again. So no, you will never know what the fuck those people will ever feel, so don’t make a mockery out of them. While you are sleeping till it’s fatoor, those people you are “sympathizing” with are out there in the heat working hard, and while you’re sitting and whining how hard it is to fast till fatoor and just sitting on your ass while doing so, people who are suffering barely get a loaf a bread per day or a bottle of water a day – this is their life every day, not just a month, and they don’t get a banquet at the end of the day.

You want to feel what they feel?? At the end of your fast eat a slice of bread and a glass of water and sometimes go for days without food; and don’t go buying expensive shit such as various electronics and redundant clothes, actually no electronics and maybe 3 cheapshirts and a pair of pants, don’t live in a villa – go live in a run down apartments or even on the streets. Go work outside in this heat for hours on end. Now do this for the rest of your life – Congrats, now you know what they feel.

Dragonball Z! Sailor Moon! Back for More!

Soooo happy to hear that there will be a new DBZ movie next year supposedly in March, and it’ll be part of the 13 DBZ movies made! (as in no DBGT etc) Akira Toriyama will be working very closely with the movie production, so we can be assured it’ll be filled with typical DBZ-y goodness!

Also, Sailor Moon will be re-mastered with new animations, but the same voice actors. The creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, is involved with, therefore we don’t have to worry too much of them ruining our childhood memory! 😀 It should be aired by next summer!




Just.. No

I remember my first class GDES class in AUK, I remember the uselessly long ways of doing things we were taught, or even things that could easily backfire, so to say. One thing I remember clearly, was about retouching a models face, this is what we were taught:

Select the models face, and apply Gaussian Blur… Click on the image to see how it really looks in a bigger view.

No.. Just no! Is this how they teach want-to-be Graphic Designers? Do they want them to be bad in what they do? Possibly, who knows.

Anyway, it’s not the first time something that was taught to us that made me think that the “Graphic Designers” of teachers we have are purposely trying to sabotage the Graphic Designs students who have no Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign etc. background.

How a retouched model is supposed to look:

Click on the image for a better view.

Ciao for now, peeps!

Mini Rant

So yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too well so I had to email my professor and ask him what chapters I needed to study. I emailed him early in the morning so he would have had the entire day to get back to me… Of course, he never did. This isn’t the first time Professors at AUK do this. They constantly say that they recieve their emails immediately on their phone and/or they check regularly – such bullshit! So far in my 4 years in AUK, only 3 professors had the decency to stick to their word and reply to emails. Others, despite the amount of times you email, never reply even though saying they always do.

One of the things I hate the most is unprofessionalism, which is precisely what they are – Unprofessional.

Brace Yourselves, Long Post

For my GDES 242 – Digital Imaging class, we had to do 3 things. First off, decide on a company/business concept we want to create. I decided on creating a toy company, I mean, hello! Who doesn’t like toys? xD

  • The first thing we had to do was design a logo that’d fit out company. My toy business would have a cutesy Chibi/Anime kinda feel to it. After various sketches, this is what I came up with & decided to represent my “company”:
  • Secondly, we had to now create a poster to advertise our company with (posters… My fave part! :D)

This are the stocks I used, all from DeviantArt.

  • Next, we had to design a brochure/small magazine spread for our business (click on the thumbnails to view them larger):

Cover page.

Pages 2 & 3.

Pages 4 & 5.

Pages 6 & 7.

Back page.

(The back page image is one of my artworks that is on DeviantArt)

Magazines~ Me Gusta!

I’ve always wanted to work at a magazine… Hopefully, 1 day!

Anyway, this was another project that we had to do in GDES 220, we were given some well-known Graphic Designers and had to do 2 different design versions of a short “magazine” about them, and the designs had to be related to them; as in, we had to think of how they would’ve designed their magazines in their own style, so first off we had to study their design works.

These are the 2 final designs of the 2 magazine versions I worked on, I already had a preference for the 2nd 1 (the red 1) while I was working on both of them, so I focused more on that one.

And this is the final project in magazine format!