To Be Perfect

These days it’s hard to feel good enough. We look around, see advertisement of beautiful looking women; perfect waist, bust, butt, hair, skin, eyes, lips – just perfection. We open magazines, we see the same things, with diets next to them “guaranteeing” that you’ll end up looking like them.

We know that all this is fake, we know that those girls aren’t real and that 95% of the time they are photo-shopped from head to toe; however, in the moment we look at those images, we forget all that and end up cursing ourselves, and feeling a blow towards our self-esteem.

Girls – Guys,

When you see that girl caked in makeup head to toe, before judging her consider the fact that maybe she feels that way, feels self-conscious, and not “good enough”. Or when you see that guy, wearing overly expensive clothes, shades on, latest car and gadgets – maybe he too feels the need to prove himself in someway.

All I’m saying, don’t judge too fast, because I’m certain you’ve felt that way yourself at some point too.

Don’t judge, ‘kay?

Unless you know that person is a bitch/ass then feel free to judge away! :p


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