Bad Fashion Trend in Kuwait

I want to take a moment and ask – wtf girls??

If you’re in you 20’s or 30’s, why would you want to dress like a old granny?

Floral pattern shirts, with huge golden bulky necklaces, brown leather bag with trashy huge gold clasp, huge bully earrings, huge golden bulky rings…etc..

I tried looking for some example photos on Google but… Even Google doesn’t have that bad of a taste apparently.

I’m not saying every girl has a bad taste in dressing, but quite a handful.

The thing is, the clothes and accessories those girls wear are very expensive… Dude, c’mon, expensive doesn’t mean good. Most of the stuff they buy is expensive here but cheap as hell in other countries..

Girls, why do you wanna waste your youth dressing up like old women? :s Stay fresh! You have enough time to dress like that in the future.

These are just some mild examples of the stuff worn.

Oh, oh! And the makeup! Girls, choose the right foundation at least, not 5 shades lighter than your skin! And blend the blush you wear, don’t just keep it in a red circle – it’s creepy as hell; and not to mention, don’t use bright red blush… Keep it real. Let’s not forget the eyebrows… Why on earth would you want ur eyebrows to actually look sharp, black, and thick as if drawn on? Don’t you know you get laughed at behind your backs by girls and guys? They don’t think that’s pretty! And chill on the eye makeup, don’t cake it on when you just have a normal day ahead (unless you’ve got like a photo-shoot or something!)

Some examples for this:



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