Blend it

Lately I’ve been craving Strawberry + Mango + Vanilla ice cream mixed smoothie, ever since I tried the 1 in Diva’s next to AUK. Ever since then, none of my friends planned on going there so I wasn’t able to get it again D: Then saw an ad in a magazine about Blend It and saw that it had that smoothie, so few days later we were at Avenues, and I remembered it! So, of course, I was eager to try it. How was it? Hmm, it was .. Okay. I mean, it tasted great! Yummy and everything, and I’ll for sure have it again, but there was something missing.. I think it was the texture; they blended the vanilla icecream with the strawberry and mango juice, and I think if they had made the icecream a bit chunky so that when drinking it we can feel the contrast of cold strawberry and mango juice and ice cold vanilla icecream, it would’ve been even better!

Maybe I’ll ask if they can do that next time xD

There are only two branches right now, one is on the GUST campus, and the other in Avenues – they have delivery though! Try it! I wanna go and try the other flavors as well, wish I can buy a whole bunch at once xD

Here’s the link:

Blend It!



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