Brace Yourselves, Long Post

For my GDES 242 – Digital Imaging class, we had to do 3 things. First off, decide on a company/business concept we want to create. I decided on creating a toy company, I mean, hello! Who doesn’t like toys? xD

  • The first thing we had to do was design a logo that’d fit out company. My toy business would have a cutesy Chibi/Anime kinda feel to it. After various sketches, this is what I came up with & decided to represent my “company”:
  • Secondly, we had to now create a poster to advertise our company with (posters… My fave part! :D)

This are the stocks I used, all from DeviantArt.

  • Next, we had to design a brochure/small magazine spread for our business (click on the thumbnails to view them larger):

Cover page.

Pages 2 & 3.

Pages 4 & 5.

Pages 6 & 7.

Back page.

(The back page image is one of my artworks that is on DeviantArt)


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