Just.. No

I remember my first class GDES class in AUK, I remember the uselessly long ways of doing things we were taught, or even things that could easily backfire, so to say. One thing I remember clearly, was about retouching a models face, this is what we were taught:

Select the models face, and apply Gaussian Blur… Click on the image to see how it really looks in a bigger view.

No.. Just no! Is this how they teach want-to-be Graphic Designers? Do they want them to be bad in what they do? Possibly, who knows.

Anyway, it’s not the first time something that was taught to us that made me think that the “Graphic Designers” of teachers we have are purposely trying to sabotage the Graphic Designs students who have no Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign etc. background.

How a retouched model is supposed to look:

Click on the image for a better view.

Ciao for now, peeps!


2 responses to “Just.. No

    • Yeah!!! It’s annoying! You’d think with all the money AUK is getting, they’d be able to afford better PROFESSORS, and not “teacher assistants”, which is what most of them except 1 is -.-

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