Cheap VS Expensive – Ugly things can be sold, when it comes from a Brand name

…It’s true right? It’s a psychological thing, it can be ugly as fuck, yet people buy it because it’s of a certain brand name.

Would you rather buy the original expensive brand product, or a fake that looks just as good, gives exactly the same effect as the original but at a cheaper price, or just simply buy something that’s cheap and looks better than any expensive product?

I’d buy the knock-off or cheaper whatever it is, I mean, it’s gonna get out of style eventually, right? This way one could buy other things.

In my opinion, I think it’s a waste of money to buy clothes or bags or whatever at such an expensive price, only to eventually dirty it, or tear it, or when it goes out of style. I could save my money for something that’s actually important, instead of wasting it on temporary materialistic things.

I see some people only buying jeans that are like 50KD or over just because it’s of a certain brand name… and then they end up tearing it a couple of months later. I have jeans that look exactly the same, and can find even better ones for like 8KD!  And they even last longer.

I just feel like it’s such a fail of judgment, when people buy things just because it’s an expensive brand name, even when the thing they buy is ugly as hell – not even the ‘good’ stuff of the brand name *face palm*

It’s just dumb. Really dumb.

Sort out your priorities, people, do something useful with your excess money or at least use it on things that won’t be a temporary thing such as clothes, bags, sunglasses, etc.

 Examples of Cheap clothes, looking way better than the Expensive clothes:

Random moment:

Me & my friends looking for a present for my love, we spot a leather jacket at a Gucci store (it said 70% sale so we decided to check it out xD)

Me & Nadeen spot a leather jacket

Me: Ooh, I wonder how much it is

Nadeen: *checks price* *grabs my arm and pulls me away* Let’s walk away with pride…

It was almost 1000KD

We found a cheaper one that looked better for 20 KD.


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