Some of my baking journey :p

Mocha brownies cupcakes

Butter-y sugar cookies with chocolate chips and some dipped with dark chocolate

Peanut butter cookies

Apparently they were soft & yummy – I wouldn’t know since I’m allergic to peanut D: But I made them cuz my love loves them xD

Blondie, with the sauce thingy and ice cream (tastes just like the Applebee’s Blondie!)

Tiramisu cupcakes

They were heavenly, thin layer of lady finger bottom, and a whole lotta cold (self-made)creamy (and coffee-y) goodness! Best for a hot day! It was so well recieved by everyone that I ended up making cups of this, with many layers, instead of in cupcake forms.

Oreo cheesecake chocolate chip cookies

Omg, they were just DELICIOUS! So soft, and chewy, and just.. yumm.

Vanilla cupcakes with self-made Buttercream frosting and marshmallows – The plain ones have a cherry filling

Valentines box made for my love, vanilla butter cream cupcakes, peanut butter cookies, brownies and brownie stuffed cones topped with butter cream icing

Big cheesecake & mini cheesecakes – yummyness right there

Cheesecake with chocolate chip & the others with marshmallows

It was supposed to be bars, but I forgot about the crust while it was in the oven (I was chasing after Alec who was creating trouble -.-) and it burnt! So i put them in cupcake papers; on the bottom is a layer of cookie dough with chocolate chip, and topped with cheesecake, the ones that don’t have chocolate chips on them, have marshmallow in them

Crumbly vanilla cookies, with self-made chocolate frosting (Delicious!)

Apple pie with vanilla ice-cream

Watermelon and heart shaped sugar cookies

Whoopie pies

Red Velvet cupcakes with (self-made) cream cheese frosting

Energy snacks for my love

Quick Tiramisu, coffee ice cream, vanilla ice cream, lady fingers soaked in coffee and topped with whipped cream and grated chocolate

Jelly bean cookies

Made today for my love!


And Alec here, awaiting the food to be given to him xD


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