Hard Cookies


Yeah.. can be disappointing when they come out perfectly from the oven and taste delicious, but then next day they end up being too hard 😦 I just had that issue so I searched for methods to soften them up, found these ways:

Ways to Soften Hard Cookies

Microwave Method

It’s quick and easy to soften hard cookies in a microwave. Place them on a paper plate, and mist them with water before wrapping them loosely with a paper towel. Microwave them on high for approximately 40 seconds or just until warm. They should come out soft and chewy just like the freshly baked kind.

Oven Method

If you prefer to soften hard cookies in the oven, place them on a cookie sheet, and lightly mist them with water while preheating the oven to 250 degrees. Allow them to heat for about 5 minutes. Adjust the time according to your preferences and the thickness of the cookies. When properly reheated they should come out soft and exceptionally chewy.

Bread Trick

Many people are aware of the bread trick to soften hardened brown sugar, but did you know that bread will also soften hard cookies? Place them in a tight sealing container, with a slice of bread in the bottom and on top. Allow the hard cookies and soft bread to remain sealed with the overnight. The next day you’ll find hard bread and soft and chewy cookies. Give the bread to the birds, or use it for a bread crumb topping so nothing goes to waste.

Buy a Brown Sugar Bear or Disc

Brown sugar bears, discs, or other clay shapes are also used to soften hard brown sugar and keep it soft and lump free, and the same handy pieces used to soften hard brown sugar also work great to soften hard cookies. Buy a brown sugar bear or disc from your local kitchen gadget store, and follow product label instructions. Store it in your cookie jar, and you’ll never have hard cookies again.

Apple Trick

An apple slice will also soften hard cookies in a matter of hours. Place an apple half or a large fresh apple slice in a tight-sealing container of hard cookies. The moisture from the apple will give the cookies more flavor, and it will also make them very soft and chewy. Remember to remove the apple to prevent spoilage, and replace it as often as necessary for soft chewy cookies every time.
I decided to try the toast thing since I’ll be needing them for tomorrow instead of right now, so I just placed 2 slices in the container with the cookies, let’s see how they turn out tomorrow! 😀

Update: It worked !:p


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