Low Fat is yummy!

Low fat fudgey yummy brownies, and low-fat (and no cholesterol) store bought marshmallow fluff!

Recipe here

(I made my brownies thinner, in order to layer them up, so if you plan on adding something between them, you should keep the brownies thin)


One of my (many) pet peeves, is those who say “I can’t lose weight, I’ve tried and I can’t”, then I see them eating chips, burgers, sweets upon sweets – NON STOP. Well, GEE, I wonder why you possibly can’t be losing weight?!?! It pisses me off. I mean, if you don’t want to lose weight, that’s not a problem, but complaining about it and not working for it?? Just shut your idiotic mouth up with another greasy burger.

I mean, I’d understand if someone has a medical problem and therefore is struggling to lose weight, but the people I know so far have no damn medical issue.

I had this one friend, she’s.. horrible. Anyway, before I start listing all the things she’s done and caused, I’ll just stick to the thing that I want to tell you about her that’s relevant to this.

When I started to work on myself to lose weight, she said that she wants to lose weight. Now that’s all fine and dandy. Except, here I am, actually sticking to my calorie count, and eating proper food – and there she is, whining, and bitching about her weight, and then goes and asks me for money to buy Cheetos.. 3 bags to eat at once (more junk would follow as usual – Oh, and she owes me so much money, one of many reasons why I cut her out of my life) Anyway, one day she comes saying that she is going to start going to a gym. That’s great, right? Wait for it.

So let’s flash forward to a typical day for her, eating non-stop for entire day, only junk food, goes to gym for 2 hour (I highly doubt she even pushed herself at the gym) and then continues with her junk food. She keeps saying she lost weight, but then complains about the fact that she gained weight again while working out…

Other 2 pet peeves of mine – Stupidity and lack of common sense.

Look, I love food, I seriously love food, I used to eat so much junk food back in the day, but then I decided to lose weight and I stuck to it. If I can do it, anyone could do it.

And the thing is, this girl, she isn’t in a well financial state (again, she owes me SO much, like no kidding, around maybe over 400 kd) and here she is wasting money for the gym, money she could’ve used to pay me back for everything. Ah well, in the end it doesn’t matter as long as she’s out of my life xD

Another thing, I get it’s a bit more difficult for us girls to lose weight in Kuwait, since there’s literally restaurants, diners, burger joints and bakeries around every corner (I mean it, literally around every corner, I’m not exaggerating) and there’s barely anything to do here except eat and shop and go to the movies where we.. eat. Not to mention, Kuwait’s culture is food oriented as well, with all the family gatherings and what not, there’s always food – fat loaded food and desserts, and huge amounts of it at that – but if you really put your mind to it, you will find that it’s not that hard to do, you don’t even need to gym. You can read my post on the way I shed my weight, here.

It’s possibly ok! You can enjoy yummy food, in lesser calories and amounts! Eventually, you’ll even lose the need to want something like salt and vinegar chips and Cheetos (I used to eat salt and vinegar food like it was water, and drink cola like it was air, now though I have to urge to want it).

Guys, and especially girls, stop fucking whining, if there’s nothing medically wrong with you then shut the fuck up and go lose the weight that you oh-so hate. I’m allergic to sweat and break out terribly when I sweat alot, but did that stop me?? No. It was worth it, now with less weight, I sweat less. Just shut the fuck up with your pathetic excuses – Anything is possible.


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