Censorship FAIL

Ahhh, the censorship issue here in Kuwait!

So couple of days ago I went to the cinema with my love, and we already knew the amount of things the cinema (well Kuwait in general) censors – they even censor “too violent” scenes -_- SERIOUSLY??? There is a reason we chose that specific movie!!! TO WATCH THE VIOLENCE! Anyway, back to that day, we were surprised that they censored the swearing this time as well!!!! Every minute, there was a deafening silence whenever a swear word was censored – do you know how annoying that is??? It’s like watching a buffering movie from the internet when your connection is so slow!

God, it’s so retarded. I mean, they censor kissing, “sex” scenes, too gore-y scenes, and sometimes just random scenes so that they can squeeze in another movie on that day to make more money¬† -___- Do they not realize MOST PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT SEX AND SHIT LIKE THAT??? I mean, HELLO, how the fuck did they come to exist??? From another Virgin Mary or what??? *facepalm* No wonder the people here are so sexually repressed and immature about such a subject. Being sheltered from such matters DON’T HELP! Just makes things worse. Plus, I hope they realize most of the people end up probably watching pornos at home, so acting “sex scenes” seriously aren’t a big deal – so they should just grow the fuck up with their stupid mentality on the censorship matter.

There’s a new cinema in Kuwait opening, Grand Cinemas, I’m hoping they don’t have such a retarded censorship going on – I mean I know it’s not their fault, and it comes from the higher ups (Although I have a feeling Cinescape is just retarded and taking the censorship deal to a whole new level), but I’m hoping it’s not as strict since they are actually showing movies that are banned by Cinescape.
Guys, imagine, Paranorman was BANNED in the Cinescape cinemas. Check here at the retarded list of banned movies in Cinescape.
Man, a few weeks ago there was a rumor going around that messages sent to each other on the phone will be monitored….

Ehhh, what ?!

The sad part is – it’s not so hard to believe over here, shit like that is definitely a possibility.

Seriously, grow up people.