Grand Cinemas


So last weekend I went with my love to Grand Cinemas, and we went to watch Skyfall in the VIP section; I didn’t want him to get seats in the VIP section because, well, 10KD per ticket! In my eyes, that’s too much for a bit over an hour worth of movie that’s for sure censored.

So let’s see, the popcorn.. 😦 There was salt and I think butter, but no caramel 😦 I’m not really much of a sweet tooth, but cinema without caramel popcorn just ain’t right! Anyway, we went to the VIP lobby section, ordered our snacks (well my love did, I was still full from the dinner and dessert we just had :P) so then we headed to the cinema itself, the snacks they would bring to us once we were seated.

During the movie, they brought us little free snacks and drinks in champagne glasses (no no not alcohol duh :P) and the seats… oh lord, the seats! They were awesome! Soft, reclining chairs for us to be able to lay down while watching the movie! The only complaint I have about the seating is that it’s too far spaced from the person I came with 😦 The seats were all in rows of 2, and there was such a wide table separating my guy and I, so that really sucked for us. I mean, I wanna at least be able to hold his hand >_>

Now, about the censorship, the only thing censored was the sex act itself, everything else, including the “foreplay” that leads to the sex was uncut – Good!!!! I mean, there’s nothing we can really do about the complete censoring issue, but at least here not unnecessary stuff was cut. Now, I’m not sure if this is only the case because we went to VIP, maybe the regular side has more things cut? I’m not sure, and I’ll have to find out sometime soon.

So yeah, only complaint was being too far from my dude, and the lack of caramel popcorn 😮


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