High School Days

In the past few weeks things have changed a lot in my personal life, for the better! Friends that I thought were close friends that I could rely on tossed their friendship with me in exchange of underage, attention-seeking girls. It might sound like I’m being spiteful, but there’s really no other way to describe them 😛 It’s weird, because now they are being called by everyone the “whore group” , the “group that drinks and does drugs”, “the losers”… God! I really did do the right thing by stopping to try and give those new girls a chance. It’s like God’s trying to give me a sign of some sort sign, because just a few days before I stopped talking to them, my high school friends reached out and we all started reconnecting again.

So now things feel… Lighter? Yeah, I guess that’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling. It’s funny, I guess it’s true, the friends you make in high school are the ones that end up lasting. No matter how long my friends and I have not talked, or whether we got into a fight, it’s like no matter what we know we can’t get rid of each other 😛 We have a lot of hilarious memories, and those are the only memories that I have with all the “friends” I have that make me burst out laughing – like last week during drama class, we were all in our group chat talking and reliving some stupidly hilarious memories we had, and I had to try so hard that it hurt to stop from bursting into laughter xD

That feeling, I’ve missed it for the past years, and I’m glad I got rid of the people that I felt were weighing me down negatively; I seriously don’t know how I managed to have gone through the past years without the lightness I’m feeling right now!


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