Uni Soon: Make up that’ll last those long days

Been busy these past few days trying to finish up some artworks before uni begins (which will be on Sunday 😦 )

Here are some lil tips to keep your not-too-over-the-top make up, for uni, fresh without worrying about it needing to reapply!


Before apply your foundation, apply a foundation primer. The makeup will last longer with this, and your skin will look evenly colored and smooth. Also, it gives you a matte effect.


So that the makeup on wide areas hold better, make sure you cleansed your skin properly first off. Apply your foundation/powder or whatever; then apply a bit of powder blush onto your temples, so that it’ll give you a nice , natural, look for the entire day.


No more Panda Eyes! Apply Eye Gel and an eye shadow base/primer foundation for the mascara, eye shadow, and eye liner, to keep it from smearing. The Eye Gel will stop the eye makeup from “crawling” into your eyes, and the eye shadow base/primer will hold the color of the eye shadow you decide to apply, way better. For bright eyes, apply a bit of light eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes.


Blush will give you a “Good-Mood-Booster-Freshness”. Apply a cream-blush on the highest of your cheeks and then blend it, I can’t stress this enough, blend it. After that, dust on some of your powder blush ! Don’t overdo!


To keep your kissable lips-look as long as possible, firstly apply a bit of foundation over your lips, then powder up your lips off slightly, then finally apply your lipstick. Finish off by powdering your lips a bit once more, then applying lip gloss to make them shine!


Firstly, hide any blemishes with a concealer, then also apply the foundation steps here, but make sure to go down to your neck and then make the make-up fade away, so that it doesn’t give you a foundation “ring”


For on the go:

  • If you have a shiny face while on the go, pat it with an “Oil Control Paper” which’ll mattify your complexion!

Be Kiss-proof:

  • With a Make-Up Fixing Spray, your make-up will hold longer and will be wipe-proof as well!


[Tips taken from a German magazine called, Lisa.]


And for those, like myself, who don’t really care that much about their make-up looking perfect – Enjoy university! And wish you a great semester!

Cheap VS Expensive – Ugly things can be sold, when it comes from a Brand name

…It’s true right? It’s a psychological thing, it can be ugly as fuck, yet people buy it because it’s of a certain brand name.

Would you rather buy the original expensive brand product, or a fake that looks just as good, gives exactly the same effect as the original but at a cheaper price, or just simply buy something that’s cheap and looks better than any expensive product?

I’d buy the knock-off or cheaper whatever it is, I mean, it’s gonna get out of style eventually, right? This way one could buy other things.

In my opinion, I think it’s a waste of money to buy clothes or bags or whatever at such an expensive price, only to eventually dirty it, or tear it, or when it goes out of style. I could save my money for something that’s actually important, instead of wasting it on temporary materialistic things.

I see some people only buying jeans that are like 50KD or over just because it’s of a certain brand name… and then they end up tearing it a couple of months later. I have jeans that look exactly the same, and can find even better ones for like 8KD!  And they even last longer.

I just feel like it’s such a fail of judgment, when people buy things just because it’s an expensive brand name, even when the thing they buy is ugly as hell – not even the ‘good’ stuff of the brand name *face palm*

It’s just dumb. Really dumb.

Sort out your priorities, people, do something useful with your excess money or at least use it on things that won’t be a temporary thing such as clothes, bags, sunglasses, etc.

 Examples of Cheap clothes, looking way better than the Expensive clothes:

Random moment:

Me & my friends looking for a present for my love, we spot a leather jacket at a Gucci store (it said 70% sale so we decided to check it out xD)

Me & Nadeen spot a leather jacket

Me: Ooh, I wonder how much it is

Nadeen: *checks price* *grabs my arm and pulls me away* Let’s walk away with pride…

It was almost 1000KD

We found a cheaper one that looked better for 20 KD.