Make your own font~


Using this online tool for a less complicated way to make your own font MyScriptFont 

Thought it could be useful for anyone  ^^


Make your own Book~ Especially useful for Graphic Designers

I wish I found this tutorial earlier, I had to do something like this for my Typography 2 class Dx


Click on image for the tutorial!




Common sense… Why are you such a rare thing??

Is it becoming extinct??

Man, I forgot what it’s like talking or listening to someone and not think “Omg, where’s your common sense?!”

You know what’s frustrating? People who make things way more complicated/frustrating/annoying when it really isn’t.. Geez.

Instead of taking out my entire list of how people don’t have common sense or apparently can’t solve any issues with simplicity, I’ll just mention one such incident today by my professor.


So we have to come in on a Saturday for exams.

That’s fine, really it is.

I take 2 different classes with this teacher, and I have to come at 8am for the 1st exam.

But the 2nd….. The second one will be at 12:30, and there’s no exams, nothing to hand in (all the work is due ‘no later than thursday’, we just come to glance at our classmates portfolios that we already know! And it’ll take “only 30 minutes”


Well that’s great IF i didn’t have at 8am class! And since it’ll take only like max. an hour to complete the exam, I’d then have to wait till 12:30.

Maybe it’s just me, but what the fuck is the point? None of us care about looking at each other’s portfolios, we just want to pass! And instead of wasting my time waiting in uni for hours for a useless “final class” that’ll take only 30 mins, how about just no -.- I have so many projects to work on and geez I can’t seem to comprehend the point of going to that 1 class! If we had our presentations on Saturday (instead of today – we finished with our final proj/presentation) then I’d understand why we would have to come! If we had had any projects due on Saturday then I’d UNDERSTAND why we would have to come!!

But this? Seriously?

Common. Sense.

We are already overloaded with useless things that could have been done with if there was any thought in organization, but alas, no.

Why, whyyy, whyyyyyy >.<

Worried “designer”

One of my book covers of my "series"

One of my book covers of my “series”

I have to be honest, I hate being a graphic design major in AUK. I feel like I’m restricted and not allowed to go far out artistically.. In 2 of my classes of this semester that just ended for me, I kept getting low grades for works I worked hard on. I kept getting positive feedback of my works from many successful graphic designers, however my professors seem to have a problem with it. When asking fellow students, they suggested to not put too much effort in it, which is how they’ve been getting good grades… yeah, go figure. I then started doing that towards the end of my semester and surprise surprise!!! I started getting good grades??? So is that the secret here?? :/ In my other class, I thought I was doing well until the second project in which she told us to design a product about ourselves – so I did. I created artworks and made 3 mini books (a series) out of them, focusing mainly on the cover artwork since that would be the part describing who I am. At first she liked it, but kept asking whether they were my works, I assured her it was and she seemed to believe me and wanted me to print out separate copies for her. The second time when she checked up the progress on our projects she looked at me with this suspicious condescending look and asked, “You did this? You?” I replied yes I did, and she was like, “You used brushes I’m guessing.” I said “No, I painted this on Photoshop” her reply, “You painted this? Aha”



I once again assured her yes I did, and when giving in the project I provided her with a CD on which I had 2 step-by-steps of my works, (the other file of my 3rd artwork was erased thanks to the crashing of my laptop). For the 3rd project we had to make a booklet for that product, I once again had to use the artworks I had made for my book series, and also made more illustrations for the booklet. When she saw them she once again questioned me about them suspiciously and it definitely didn’t sound like she believed me!!! I had provided her with proof and still she didn’t believe me. I don’t know if she keeps forgetting each encounter with my works, or she just seriously doubts I worked on them.

Now I’m extremely worried if I’m going to fail my class because apparently my works are too good to be mine, in her view -_- God, I guess I’ll find out if I passed or failed next week, wish me luck.