A Little Story from Bayan – The Usual Cruelty

So here’s something that happened today:

Someone was banging against our garage door today, my sister goes to check and sees it’s a kid around maybe 10 or so from our neighbor, maybe younger. Anyway, she tells him to stop it and turns out he was banging because he heard our dog. Ok, retard.

Anyway, he then comes back after a bit with a STICK and his maid trailing behind him, and does it again, my sister says “what are you doing?? Why do you have a stick??”

His reply?

“Because there’s a dog”

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce for you the inbred retards of this place (I’m not exaggerating or lying about the inbreeding)

I wish I was there to beat him senseless with the stick.

Ah and yea, this is pretty much daily life in this country, the good people are so rare and hard to find because they like to stay away from these primitive idiots.

A little backstory of these inbred mother fuckers (LOL this could be a literal phrase – the mother fuckers part):

1. They are religious

2. They breed in bulk non-stop (contraceptives is a no-no or something they’ve never heard of – no guys, I’m not exaggerating)

3. They are uneducated

4. They believe they will go to Heaven (no, seriously, these people believe that! Even though they treat animals HORRIBLY and their house-keepers and everyone else they consider of a “lower nationality” like they are dirt)

Dear God, if you are there, how about having a car run over such people and leave them paralyzed and then have their parents dump them in the corner and rot in their own filth.


Hit & Run

So my friend got into a car accident yesterday, the driver of the car that hit her (a girl driver) simply drove off without even a scratch without stopping, whereas my friend’s car got fucked…
Girl, whoever you are, I hope you get into a car accident, get hurt, car gets fucked, and that the other driver manages to drive off unscathed and problem-free.

On that note, I’ve noticed that female drivers here won’t even have the decency to look at you when they make small and/or big fuck-ups while driving…. Seriously??? Wtf is up with that??? If you can’t drive properly or have a proper driving etiquette then stay off the fucking roads – same goes for guys, of course, but ironically I feel that the women drivers here are worse than anything else. Learn to drive and pass without a fucking wasta. I swear, if they had to get their license in like Germany, they’d never, ever, ever pass! No way in heaven or hell would they pass there.

Have some respect on the roads and act like a fucking woman/man and own up to your wrong-doings, don’t act like a fucking little baby and run away – I pray Karma gets you fast, you cowards.

Update: So was just driving, and this kid – seriously, he was a kid, almost crashes into me, and then continues on driving and laughing and zig zaging left and right, without signaling of course. Ah, gotta love this country that gives licenses out for free. And/or parents who aren’t responsible enough to know whether their kids are driving without licenses or in a risky manner.

Retards, retards everywhere.

Oh God, Why

I don’t understand the point of the whole segregation here. The increase in creepy looking homosexuals is unbelievable (they aren’t like normal homosexuals… I don’t even think they are gay, I think they just got fucked with the segregation shit – badly). Seriously, I enter the bathroom at AUK and I see girls making out, or getting it on in the stalls *vomit* I wonder if the same shit goes on in the guys bathroom too.
The increase of disgusting, rude, ignorant, stupid guys is incredible. The increase of dumb, naive, selfish, materialistic, close-minded, creepy girls is outstanding. I just love how they segregated everything because they’re worried of girls and guys interacting in inappropriate ways, because its ‘Haram’ and all that jazz, but them being so smart forgot to factor in the amount of people turning their ‘attraction’ to their own sex; and that’s also ‘Haram’ *facepalm*

Not to mention, the younger generation who now has to grow up with this ‘rule’ won’t be able to know how to interact with guys, therefore their actions could lead to more inappropriate behaviors – you know, the kind they were trying to stop when making this rule *rolls eyes* The girls and guys won’t know how to work together, the guys will continually harass girls, the girls will think ‘oh maybe I should sleep with him so he’ll like me’ bla bla bla, basically they won’t know how to interact with each other properly. I feel bad for them, I can already see the result of it everywhere. So sad. I’m grateful I wasn’t raised that way, and I’ll make sure my daughters and/or sons will know better than to fall into this ridiculous mindset the majority of this society has set up. It’s sad also that some private schools have decided to segregate the girls and boys, they should know better, and they can’t give us the crap that they had to do it, because other private schools don’t segregate.

I don’t get why this place is going backwards… actually, no, back then things were so much better, and people were less strict (actually, less dumb), so I can’t really say things are going backwards here.

Things are getting dumber.

Yeah, that’s plain, simple, and accurate.

Kids of the future, I hope some of you find the right path instead of falling into the trap of what this society is trying to ensnare you in. Good luck.