This Time Period + Arranged Marriage = Forever Alone (or Forever Depressed)


Ok, so I have to say I’m fuckin’ tired of hearing my friend wanting to get married, yet she says that it’s a taboo to talk to guys on a personal level.

Are you fucking kidding me??

Ok, let me dissect her narrow views in social relationships. I understand she’s an extremely religious person and would die before having a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship, however, she NEEDS to be able to talk to guys and deciding for herself whether they’d be husband material or not, and the first damn step to that is actually becoming friends with guys, since that’s the best way to get to know someone.

She keeps having old men or creepy unstable guys asking for her hand in marriage, and then she complains.

Ummm… duh. Arranged marriage these days are a sign of desperation and being unable to find someone, it’s kind of like going on a dating website – except in dating websites you are able to get to know the person way more before deciding to freakin’ marry them.

Also, what sane young guy would want to do arranged marriages???

1.Most of them already have girlfriends they plan on being with and don’t need mommy to hook them up with a bride who sits at home waiting to be called by the ‘perfect’ guy.

2. They end up falling for their friend who goes to university with them, or works at their job place, and then the guy ends up calling her family to ask to marry her

Notice that both include communication and friendship between both guy and girl???

If you don’t notice, good luck staying unmarried at your family’s house for the rest of your life, maybe start up a knitting business or something.

If you plan on sitting around to have someone amazing call and ask for your hand in marriage, while you don’t even talk to guys, or befriend them or even show what an awesome person you are – who the fuck are you expecting to call?? Your imaginary friend from kindergarten or something???

Seriously, grow up and open your brain (if you are close-minded) the world didn’t end 50 years ago, you know.


Cheap VS Expensive – Ugly things can be sold, when it comes from a Brand name

…It’s true right? It’s a psychological thing, it can be ugly as fuck, yet people buy it because it’s of a certain brand name.

Would you rather buy the original expensive brand product, or a fake that looks just as good, gives exactly the same effect as the original but at a cheaper price, or just simply buy something that’s cheap and looks better than any expensive product?

I’d buy the knock-off or cheaper whatever it is, I mean, it’s gonna get out of style eventually, right? This way one could buy other things.

In my opinion, I think it’s a waste of money to buy clothes or bags or whatever at such an expensive price, only to eventually dirty it, or tear it, or when it goes out of style. I could save my money for something that’s actually important, instead of wasting it on temporary materialistic things.

I see some people only buying jeans that are like 50KD or over just because it’s of a certain brand name… and then they end up tearing it a couple of months later. I have jeans that look exactly the same, and can find even better ones for like 8KD!  And they even last longer.

I just feel like it’s such a fail of judgment, when people buy things just because it’s an expensive brand name, even when the thing they buy is ugly as hell – not even the ‘good’ stuff of the brand name *face palm*

It’s just dumb. Really dumb.

Sort out your priorities, people, do something useful with your excess money or at least use it on things that won’t be a temporary thing such as clothes, bags, sunglasses, etc.

 Examples of Cheap clothes, looking way better than the Expensive clothes:

Random moment:

Me & my friends looking for a present for my love, we spot a leather jacket at a Gucci store (it said 70% sale so we decided to check it out xD)

Me & Nadeen spot a leather jacket

Me: Ooh, I wonder how much it is

Nadeen: *checks price* *grabs my arm and pulls me away* Let’s walk away with pride…

It was almost 1000KD

We found a cheaper one that looked better for 20 KD.