Dumb Girl


So there’s this girl working half-assed at this well-known company in Kuwait, and she’s applying for this oil company, and you know what dear old daddy said? If she gets to the interview part she should lie to the interviewers and tell them she’s engaged so that she wouldn’t have to work late (she’s not, obviously).

She already barely does any work for the company she is now working in, and she makes sure to pretend to work so that she wouldn’t have to actually work on anything, and also when she does get work she makes sure to drag it for the entire day. Oh, and the work she does is always wrong and has serious mistakes that if not caught could cause major issues for the company. Oh, and also the most basics thing that one would learn in university and also requires common sense, well, she fails in it… Why do people not complain about her? Because the people who don’t work close with her think she’s a “sweet girl”.

Aha, so that makes it OK that she’s causing issues for the company?

Sigh, and here is my friend working his ass off at the company but because she’s a girl she gets these excuses and passes.

Such things makes me embarrassed to be a girl, I would rather work my ass off and make a reputation for myself instead of being considered a “sweet girl” but “because I’m a girl” it’s ok that I make such (serious) mistakes and such.

Man, I knew her in university, her naivety and dumbness pissed me off. Thank God I only had 1 class with her or I would have shredded her, and so help me God if I meet her know I will break her for being such a useless existence in the world, and getting away with it.


Hit & Run

So my friend got into a car accident yesterday, the driver of the car that hit her (a girl driver) simply drove off without even a scratch without stopping, whereas my friend’s car got fucked…
Girl, whoever you are, I hope you get into a car accident, get hurt, car gets fucked, and that the other driver manages to drive off unscathed and problem-free.

On that note, I’ve noticed that female drivers here won’t even have the decency to look at you when they make small and/or big fuck-ups while driving…. Seriously??? Wtf is up with that??? If you can’t drive properly or have a proper driving etiquette then stay off the fucking roads – same goes for guys, of course, but ironically I feel that the women drivers here are worse than anything else. Learn to drive and pass without a fucking wasta. I swear, if they had to get their license in like Germany, they’d never, ever, ever pass! No way in heaven or hell would they pass there.

Have some respect on the roads and act like a fucking woman/man and own up to your wrong-doings, don’t act like a fucking little baby and run away – I pray Karma gets you fast, you cowards.

Update: So was just driving, and this kid – seriously, he was a kid, almost crashes into me, and then continues on driving and laughing and zig zaging left and right, without signaling of course. Ah, gotta love this country that gives licenses out for free. And/or parents who aren’t responsible enough to know whether their kids are driving without licenses or in a risky manner.

Retards, retards everywhere.