Make your own font~


Using this online tool for a less complicated way to make your own font MyScriptFont 

Thought it could be useful for anyone  ^^


Make your own Book~ Especially useful for Graphic Designers

I wish I found this tutorial earlier, I had to do something like this for my Typography 2 class Dx


Click on image for the tutorial!


Magazines~ Me Gusta!

I’ve always wanted to work at a magazine… Hopefully, 1 day!

Anyway, this was another project that we had to do in GDES 220, we were given some well-known Graphic Designers and had to do 2 different design versions of a short “magazine” about them, and the designs had to be related to them; as in, we had to think of how they would’ve designed their magazines in their own style, so first off we had to study their design works.

These are the 2 final designs of the 2 magazine versions I worked on, I already had a preference for the 2nd 1 (the red 1) while I was working on both of them, so I focused more on that one.

And this is the final project in magazine format!