Dumb Girl


So there’s this girl working half-assed at this well-known company in Kuwait, and she’s applying for this oil company, and you know what dear old daddy said? If she gets to the interview part she should lie to the interviewers and tell them she’s engaged so that she wouldn’t have to work late (she’s not, obviously).

She already barely does any work for the company she is now working in, and she makes sure to pretend to work so that she wouldn’t have to actually work on anything, and also when she does get work she makes sure to drag it for the entire day. Oh, and the work she does is always wrong and has serious mistakes that if not caught could cause major issues for the company. Oh, and also the most basics thing that one would learn in university and also requires common sense, well, she fails in it… Why do people not complain about her? Because the people who don’t work close with her think she’s a “sweet girl”.

Aha, so that makes it OK that she’s causing issues for the company?

Sigh, and here is my friend working his ass off at the company but because she’s a girl she gets these excuses and passes.

Such things makes me embarrassed to be a girl, I would rather work my ass off and make a reputation for myself instead of being considered a “sweet girl” but “because I’m a girl” it’s ok that I make such (serious) mistakes and such.

Man, I knew her in university, her naivety and dumbness pissed me off. Thank God I only had 1 class with her or I would have shredded her, and so help me God if I meet her know I will break her for being such a useless existence in the world, and getting away with it.


This Time Period + Arranged Marriage = Forever Alone (or Forever Depressed)


Ok, so I have to say I’m fuckin’ tired of hearing my friend wanting to get married, yet she says that it’s a taboo to talk to guys on a personal level.

Are you fucking kidding me??

Ok, let me dissect her narrow views in social relationships. I understand she’s an extremely religious person and would die before having a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship, however, she NEEDS to be able to talk to guys and deciding for herself whether they’d be husband material or not, and the first damn step to that is actually becoming friends with guys, since that’s the best way to get to know someone.

She keeps having old men or creepy unstable guys asking for her hand in marriage, and then she complains.

Ummm… duh. Arranged marriage these days are a sign of desperation and being unable to find someone, it’s kind of like going on a dating website – except in dating websites you are able to get to know the person way more before deciding to freakin’ marry them.

Also, what sane young guy would want to do arranged marriages???

1.Most of them already have girlfriends they plan on being with and don’t need mommy to hook them up with a bride who sits at home waiting to be called by the ‘perfect’ guy.

2. They end up falling for their friend who goes to university with them, or works at their job place, and then the guy ends up calling her family to ask to marry her

Notice that both include communication and friendship between both guy and girl???

If you don’t notice, good luck staying unmarried at your family’s house for the rest of your life, maybe start up a knitting business or something.

If you plan on sitting around to have someone amazing call and ask for your hand in marriage, while you don’t even talk to guys, or befriend them or even show what an awesome person you are – who the fuck are you expecting to call?? Your imaginary friend from kindergarten or something???

Seriously, grow up and open your brain (if you are close-minded) the world didn’t end 50 years ago, you know.


What is Ramadan:
“Every year during the Islamic the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast daily, from dawn until dusk. Fasting entails abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. By withholding ourselves from some of our most basic and carnal needs and desires, Muslims develop self-restraint: the ability to stop ourselves from doing something we deeply desire, simply out of obedience to our Creator. This month-long training helps us develop the strength to live a life of purity and obedience to God despite the temptation to sin.” – Source
That’s all good!

What I don’t agree about Ramadan, and it pisses me off to no end, is about how people say it is so that we can sympathise and feel what those feel who suffer from starvation and don’t have the luxury that we do…..
Um… No? How the hell will you ever feel what they feel??? At the end of the day you’re going to be stuffing yourself with good food until it’s time to fast again. So no, you will never know what the fuck those people will ever feel, so don’t make a mockery out of them. While you are sleeping till it’s fatoor, those people you are “sympathizing” with are out there in the heat working hard, and while you’re sitting and whining how hard it is to fast till fatoor and just sitting on your ass while doing so, people who are suffering barely get a loaf a bread per day or a bottle of water a day – this is their life every day, not just a month, and they don’t get a banquet at the end of the day.

You want to feel what they feel?? At the end of your fast eat a slice of bread and a glass of water and sometimes go for days without food; and don’t go buying expensive shit such as various electronics and redundant clothes, actually no electronics and maybe 3 cheapshirts and a pair of pants, don’t live in a villa – go live in a run down apartments or even on the streets. Go work outside in this heat for hours on end. Now do this for the rest of your life – Congrats, now you know what they feel.